That Reminds Me. Time to Get a Mammogram Still Barbaric X-Ray

That Reminds Me. Time to Get a Mammogram Still Barbaric X-Ray

Mammograms are crucial! Of course, it’s important to look for early signs of breast cancer… that’s why I go every single year! And I hope you do too! But they’re not fun, that’s for sure, and I just need to vent.

Can someone please tell me why we can’t figure out a more, oh, I don’t know, gentle type exam? I mean, come on… why are my delicate breasts still being crushed in the same way that my mothers were mashed when she was my age.

Even though it sucks, at least I know what to expect after all these years, but add Covid and the fun was taken to the next level. Usually I go into a dressing room, put on one of their stunning gowns and wait to be called into the room, where the technician and I do this really crazy dance of taking out one boob at a time, while keeping the other modestly covered up. Because clearly if only one is out at a time it’s much less embarrassing. Wacky, but it always kind of made sense to me.

But this year all bets were off. I was sent directly into the room, ordered to take off my shirt and bra and was immediately pulled towards the machine. No gown, no foreplay. 

My nervous smile apparently gave me away, so the technician told me this is how we do it now as she explained there’s less stuff to touch, and wash, etc. The truth is I really didn’t care… I mean, I used to nurse my baby in public after all, I just wasn’t mentally prepared for this added abuse, I mean, protocol. 

I’m wondering if now that things are starting to return to normal if the added changes will return as well. I guess I’ll find out soon.