Who are Miserable Moms?

Miserable Moms are strong women, with a sense of humor, who are tired of abiding by “socially appropriate” filters. We love our kids and raise them to conquer the world, while feeling utter dread at the thought of them leaving our nests. We cherish our spouses while imagining how to get away with murder. Like Charlie Brown and the football, we plan and look forward to extended family visits only to immediately pray for them to be over.

At times the raging hormones and realities of mid-life make us act a little crazy, and we’re okay with that. Because we know we’ve earned it.

If any of this applies to you, we’re you. Welcome to the club.

Our values

Being a surrogate voice and advocate for moms

Supporting and normalizing common parenting and mid-life vulnerabilities

Cultivating connection with moms through humor, transparency and authenticity

My story

I’m a blogger, writer, illustrator, wife and Miserable Mom, navigating the often humorous balance of raising young adults while maneuvering mid-life.

I’m a born and bred New Yorker, living in Southern California. I’m raising two young adults (one in college and one recently out) and have an MA in Education… as if that gave me all the answers!

I was Educational Director of Futurekids, and spent several years working as a Consultant for companies like Disney Interactive and Disney Online, where I helped to create educational content for kids and guides for parents.

Upon an emotional return from dropping our oldest off at college for the first time, I needed to process some unfamiliar and vulnerable feelings. With one kid out and one to go, mid-life was upon me. This new phase would require the honesty and humor I always internalized, to process life’s challenges. But this time I needed to share with other moms out loud! I sat down at my computer and Miserable Moms was born.