MLbooklove (@mlbooklove)

MLbooklove (@mlbooklove)

Based on actual events and written both intuitively and hilariously, Miserable Moms is filled with parenting wisdom and advice regarding the life- changing event of sending your child to college. 

By sharing her first- hand experiences with humor and bravery, Brecher provides her readers with realistic tips on how to navigate this emotional and exciting journey through stories and illustrations. 

Although I'm not there just yet, I have only a few more years to go, I absolutely appreciated Brecher's supportive tips from experience and laughed out loud throughout the entire book!

~ "This comical and honest survival guide is a perfect gift to give any mom or dad facing this stage of parenthood." ~

*Do you remember going off to college and saying goodbye to your family?

I remember my mom and I crying and hugging in the parking lot while my dad was waiting in the car.. probably embarassed for both of us🤣

Yes, we probably should have said "the harder goodbye" before the parking lot as Brecher recommends😉