Palasadian-Post: The Power of 'Miserable Moms'

Palasadian-Post: The Power of 'Miserable Moms'

On September 16, 2021, Maria Tabela of the Palasadian-Post published her article on the magic of Miserable Moms, stating: 

"When it comes to parenting, no matter what the internet or influencers tell you, no one has all the right answers.

It is inevitable that the day will come when the kids are embarrassed by Dad’s full-volume song of choice at school pickup. It is unavoidable that there will be days when Mom feels like she is the only one in the whole house who got the memo that cupboards are actually able to be closed after they have been opened.

All we can do in these moments is laugh, and no one has captured the essence of these relatable experiences better than the Huntington’s very own Sharon Brecher.

Brecher is the mastermind behind popular Instagram account and blog Miserable Moms, a space where parents can check in on her lovable character, Miserable Mom, and laugh while simultaneously saying to themselves, “Yes! I’ve totally done/thought that!”

Brecher’s website offers both hilarious and heartfelt blog posts on everything from failed juice cleanses to working through turning 50. Her illustrated posts, which can take hours or even days to create, play on both her own experiences as well as the experiences of others, creating a multifaceted character that has a little something for everyone.

“We all go through life,” Brecher, a 20-year resident of
the Palisades, explained. “Life has challenges, and
sometimes they’re huge and sometimes they’re just because something weird or annoying happened during your day. I think it’s fun to stop and shine a light on that, and realize that we are all the same. It also takes the air out of it, and we can all laugh at it and realize that we are not alone, it’s OK and it’s actually kind of funny.”

While Brecher has managed to perfectly capture the spirit of parenting, marriage and middle age in the 21st century, becoming a social media maven was never where she thought she was headed. While she admitted that Miserable Moms was something that was completely new to her, her background as the former educational director of Future Kids in Pacific Palisades, as well as her time working at Disney Interactive as a consultant for educational software, may have helped pave the way for her future success.

It wasn’t until her daughter was ready to be dropped off at college, though, that the seeds for Miserable Moms were fully planted..."

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