The Caffeinated Reader (@the.caffeinated.reader)

The Caffeinated Reader (@the.caffeinated.reader)

As a parent who has vowed to move to the same city my son decides to go to college in (I’ve even said I’ll find on campus housing for myself), this is the book I didn’t know I needed. 
It’s uproariously hilarious, but also extremely real. When she talks about needing her mother who she lost to cancer, I get it. Boy do I get it. I keep thinking about raising my son without my sister in my life and it’s overwhelming.
I digress.
This is a short, easy to read book. Chapters include:

-High anxiety: Pre-college Preparation!
-Holy Shit: Move in!
-The New Normal: Back Home!
-Live & Learn

All chapters include hilarious graphics featuring do’s and don’ts. Some of my favorites are:
DO: encourage your child to spend time with high school friends, knowing they will miss them.
DON’T: behave like Kathy Bates in Misery 

DO: kiss your child goodbye and actually leave.
DON’T: stay. 

Oh how I loved this book. Being a parent is so hard. Raising them is tough, giving them wings may be even tougher.