The Kids Are Coming Home For the Fourth!

The Kids Are Coming Home For the Fourth!

Oh, it’s on!

The fourth of July is coming and both of our kids are coming home! That’s a big deal when you’re an empty nester. Just the thought of having the house full fills me with extra energy! And each time they come home I go into prep mode… must get the nest ready!!

You see, they really can’t wait to be home with me and their dad. They want to spend every second telling us face to face exactly what’s going on in their lives. Of course, they’ll fit in time with their friends too – but we know it’s US they’re really coming home for. Right?! Well, surely they’ll fit us in too… ????

Ok, first things first… Time to do an ACTUAL shopping…

Now you moms who are CRAZY like me know what an actual shopping is! It’s not like the shopping you do when it’s just you and your husband at home, running in for a few things that you need for the “dinner” you’re gonna’ throw together tonight. This is REAL DEAL food shopping! Like when they were kids, not that long ago, shopping! I’m talking snacks that really taste like snacks, and steaks (real sized ones… not ones that you try to give yourself and your husband in the hopes that the smaller size will help your health and your waistline), and oh, extra alcohol because well, they’re not kids anymore… sigh… and cheers! This type of visit calls for going up and down every aisle - seeking out favorite items of the kids’, as well as their friends’. Love a full house!

My nesting also includes making sure the house is clean. Yes, I know, they wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t, but that’s beside the point. Of course, our son could care less and wouldn’t even think about whether or not his carpet was vacuumed and if his room was dusted… but I know!

And my daughter’s room – same thing. It’s funny how when I visit her in her own home everything is spotless and in its place. You could literally eat off the floor.  But her childhood room? All bets are off! When she comes home it’s let the clothes, and shoes, and makeup, and well, you get the point… fall where they may. She’s explained to me that it’s because she doesn’t want to mix up the stuff she brought home with the stuff she’s left in her closet and drawers. As if that’s a real answer. But that’s a fight for a future, longer visit…

In fairness though, other than the explosion in her room, she DOES notice everything. In fact, within moments of walking in she not only acknowledges but compliments even the smallest change I’ve made. Love the way that vase looks on the end table, mom. Lol, even when I asked my husband if he liked where I moved the vase to, I then had to tell him which vase, where said vase originally was, and where it is now. Ahhhh, daughters…

Within moments of their arrivals, their dad and I will look at each other, having a silent conversation about how the house is a mess, the food is everywhere and the friends are parked blocking our cars. The noise level will be loud and we’ll pray the neighbors, as always, are friendly and don’t get upset. And we’ll be up late listening for when they get in, worried but thankful that after this crazy year of Covid that they are actually able to be out with their friends.

Exhausting! But we love it! And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

And I hope you too have a happily chaotic fourth. Please let me know how you prepare for the holidays!

Be safe and healthy!